# Troubleshooting

While this mod normally works perfectly the first time, there are some cases where it may not.

# My status won't display


Lets rule out the most common issues here.

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection. This mod requires internet, because it needs to communicate with the Discord API.
  • You might have disabled game activity on Discord. To check this, head over to Settings -> Gaming activity.

Game Activity Screen
Game Activity Screen

  • If you are not using the default config file, chances are there is an error with the config file. Double check that the TOML syntax is correct by using a site like https://www.toml-lint.com/.
  • Check that the Client ID matches the one from your Discord Developer Dashboard. If you copied the ID from ANYWHERE ELSE, it's wrong, and the mod won't work


# This mod crashes my game!

This section only applies to versions before 1.3. A crash would occur if you have an error in your config file or if something went wrong while communicating with discord.